Want Gold Credit, Where Is It and What Are the Risks?

13 Sep

Gold is considered a valuable asset for some people, so many Indonesians buy gold for investment. Now the price of gold reaches more than Rp500 thousand per gram. Try to imagine how much it costs 25 grams of gold?

Have you checked the price of gold today? If you have checked the price, you will be more imagined the price of gold is currently quite expensive. Not everyone can buy cash gold. Therefore a gold credit solution appears. The question is, where can we get gold credit? What is the cost of gold credit? What are the gold credit risks? Let’s discuss one by one.


Anywhere Gold Credit Place

Gold credit can be done in several places such as: Pegadaian, Syariah Bank and Website Marketplace .

Gold Pawnshop Credit

Pegadaian through its official website pegadaian.co.id said that one of their services is financing ( financing ) of gold or precious metal products. Precious metal financing in Pegadaian is divided into three types, namely financing for individuals (individuals), groups (collective) and social gathering. 

If you are interested in financing gold through Pegadaian, you can come to the Pegadaian outlet (gallery 24), and determine the installments according to the weight of gold.


Islamic Bank Gold Credit

Islamic Bank Gold Credit

In addition to pawnshops, you can repay the gold at the Islamic Bank. The nature of funding is similar to Pegadaian, namely Sharia funding.

The name of the BSM product installments of gold, serves to assist the purchase or ownership of gold bullion. Minimum amount of 10 grams. Costs that must be incurred are administrative, insurance and seal fees. Applicable provisions regarding financing and guarantees:

  1. Collateral or collateral is an item that becomes the object of financing (gold).
  2. Guarantees cannot be exchanged for other collateral.
  3. Binding of collateral is carried out during the financing period.
  4. Physical guarantees are kept at the Bank.

If you are interested in the gold installment program, then you must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI)
  2. Show original ID card and copy of ID card
  3. Employees with a minimum age of 21 years up to a maximum age of 55 years.
  4. Retirees are 70 years old at the time of financing due.
  5. Professionals and entrepreneurs up to 60 years old.
  6. Down payment of 20% of the price of gold. Advance payments cannot be paid in installments. The maximum limit ( ceiling ) of a loan is 80% of the price of gold.
  7. Specifically for the BSM program, the maximum installment is IDR 150 million and the price of gold is determined at the time of the contract.


Gold Credit on the Marketplace Website

In Indonesia, there are several e-commerce websites and marketplaces that offer precious metal products.

Disclosure :

The mention of the name or brand in this article is not intended as investment advice or advice. The mention of the brand is only intended as a means of education or information. Harlequin is not affiliated with Tokopedia.com.

On some marketplace websites , we can repay gold using a credit card. Even though the installments are 0%, you have to make sure there are transaction fees and more.


Plus Minus of Gold Credit

Plus Minus of Gold Credit

What should be considered when a gold credit?

Benefits of Gold Credit

Benefits of Gold Credit

Some of the benefits of using gold credit include:


Easy Gold Purchases

Now there is no reason to say gold investment requires big and difficult costs. You can buy gold on credit through a pawnshop or bank (if you don’t have a credit card). In addition, you can also use a credit card for gold installments. If you use a credit card for gold installments, then you must be disciplined in paying installments (don’t pay late, forget to pay or even pay minimum). Pay off all your credit card bills.


Savings That Can Beat Inflation

Savings That Can Beat Inflation

Do you know what is the amount of bank savings interest? Maybe only around 1% – 2% per year (before tax). Try to imagine you are saving and getting gold bullion. Of course gold prices can offset inflation.


Custody facilities

If you are a gold credit, then gold will be deposited in a bank or pawnshop. Of course we don’t have to bother or worry about losing.


Lack of Gold Credit

Some disadvantages of gold credit include:

20% down payment

20% down payment

Gold credit by using Pawnshop and Bank is financing. The name is financing, so we as customers need to prepare a down payment. The amount of advances commonly encountered is 20% of the value of gold.


Some Banks Wear Flowers

Some banks charge interest on gold loans. As a customer we will lose if the increase in the price of gold is smaller than the interest that must be paid. Therefore you must be very clever in choosing a lender’s place.


Penalty If Accelerating Repayment

Gold will be withdrawn and auctioned, if it fails to pay

Some banks also charge fees or penalties if we speed up repayment. Therefore we need to carefully choose a bank for gold credit. Do not let costs such as penalties reduce our profits.

The name is gold financing and credit, there is the potential for default. If there is a default, the worst risk is that gold will be held or auctioned. Therefore we as customers need to be disciplined with our investments.


Are Gold Loans Including Good Credit?

Are Gold Loans Including Good Credit?

When compared with consumer credit, for example to buy a TV, sound system or even a vehicle, gold credit is clearly better. However, gold credit is not without risk. Therefore, as customers, we need to be careful when looking at gold credit offers.

Have you ever applied for a gold credit? Please share our experience in the comments column below


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