6 tips to improve your financial health

3 Jul

Just as there is physical and spiritual health, there is also financial health and it is usually the one that we pay less attention to. We only consider the idea of ​​a change when we no longer have a weight in our pocket, which puts us in a critical situation.

6 tips to improve your financial health

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If the financial area of ​​your life starts to feel sad or simply, you would like it to be better, here are some tips you can implement.

1. Be positive 

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Better results are obtained when we assume the challenges with a good attitude. If you already think that this will not work and that you will always be in need of money, then it will go wrong!

2. Organize a budget by season 

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Not every month of the year has the same expenses. Christmas expenses are not the same as in Easter or national holidays. Take the time to prepare a budget per quarter, considering all expenses.

3. That saving is a priority 

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Needless to say, but saving is thinking about the future. An emergency fund and an account with a certain amount of savings should be a short-term goal.

4. Buy intelligently 

Differentiate between desire and need. Ask yourself three questions before buying something: How urgent is it? Could you use this money on something better? How often will I use what I’m going to buy?

5. Do not abuse credit cards 

Use them when you are granted discounts or other promotions, but do not become addicted to them. The key is to choose the one that suits you, with low rates and no phantom commissions. Compare them using the Jarndyce family card comparator and request the one that contributes to your financial health.

6. Grant yourself small rewards 

If you only save, you will soon get tired of following this ‘regime’. Set a reward for the month and grant it if you accomplished all the steps. For example, that blouse I wanted or go to dinner at your favorite place.

Remember, it is not a series of steps that you will take for some time, but a new lifestyle that will renew your finances.


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